UNA-OKC Meeting Minutes July 10, 2017

Present: Kellen Brooks, Bill Bryant, Priya Desai, Misheala Giddings, Sinead Maguina, Bansari Mehta, Michelle Rodriguez, Floydette Seal, Jo Snyder.

Guest: Alejandra Salinas.

Opening of Meeting, Introductions & Announcements. Sinead called the meeting to order at 5:34pm. We convened at the Disciples Center, 301 NW 36th Street.

(1) Announcements: The directors addressed an item of general interest.
Our Young Professionals Happy Hour will take place at 6pm on Thursday, July 20th, at Fassler Hall. This will be our “Think Global / Drink Local” program. This month’s emphasis is on hunger and sustainable development. Guest speaker, Andrew Sartain of Earth Rebirth.

In August, Think Global / Drink Local is scheduled for August 18th. Misheala will have the details about the time, place, etc.

(2) Program Planning. The board considered the planning of future events.

(a) Nelson Mandela Day. This is our annual day of community service. We will form a team of volunteers to work at the Mercy Food Pantry, 3840 N. St. Clair Ave., in OKC. We’ll meet there on Saturday, July 15th, at 10am.

(b) Think Global / Drink Local. (See above).

(c) Peace Day. Two events are being planned in conjunction with the International Day of Peace, September 21st. First, on Peace Day itself, we will create a field of pinwheels at the State Capitol. It will be a static display that can be enjoyed by people as they pass by on Lincoln Boulevard. We’ll ask several community representatives to participate in a ceremony commemorating the International Day of Peace display. Details are still being worked out.

The second event will take place a couple of weeks in advance of Peace Day. We have been invited to participate in the Turkish Festival on Saturday, September 9th, at the Myriad Gardens. There will be a peace walk at 2pm. Additionally, throughout the day, we will have a table where we will invite people to make pinwheels to be donated to our Peace Day display at the Capitol. We’ll offer raw materials that can be crafted into
2 small, colorful pinwheels. We’ll invite people to add a small message of peace to their

It was suggested that we should also have a supply of ready-made pinwheels to sell as a
fund-raiser. Michelle has an on-line source for durable, inexpensive pinwheels.
The Peace Day planning committee includes Sinead, Priya, Michelle, Misheala, Bill, Sarah
Adams-Cornell, Noel Jacobs, Kadir Akkus (Raindrop Turkish House), and others.

(d) United Nations Day will be observed on Saturday, October 21st. This year’s theme is
“Global Goals, Local Leaders.” We’re hoping that Nancy is able to get approval from
Mayflower Church to use their community hall. A panel discussion will be organized, andit will relate to Global Goals somehow. We’re hoping for a 3-4 person panel plus a
moderator. Lunch will be served. We need to be thinking about Silent Auction items,

(e) Michelle observed that we ought to have a fund-raiser in advance of UN Day so that
we’ll have cash on hand to pay for catering. We brainstormed some possible event ideas
and venues. Michelle will do some research. Further discussion will take place via email
or elsewhere online.

(3) Business Reports.
Minutes of the June Meeting. The minutes of the June meeting were reviewed. Priya moved for their approval; seconded by Michelle. Motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report. Floydette Seal gave us a financial report:

Treasurer’s Report
Previous Balance on 05/31/2017 … … … $ 2,835.03
Donations … … … … 70.00
PayPal Transfer … … … … 96.80
Total Income … … … $ 166.80
No expenditures … … … … 0.00
Total Expenses … … … $ 0.00
Ending Balance 06/30/17 … … … … $ 3,001.83

It was noted that the rental fee on our post office box is due. Floydette is on it.
Membership Development Report. Bansari summarized the latest membership report from our national office.

(The report for the period ending June, 2017, shows that we have 46 regular [paid] members and 26 GenUN members).

(4) New Business. Several items were considered in this part of the meeting.

A. Fund-Raising. It was noted that fund-raising is a continuing need of our chapter. Is anyone interested in Bowling for Peace? Possibly on December 9 or 10? Ideas are being explored.

B. Human Rights Award Sponsorship Situation. Priya reported on a controversy arising from one of the human rights awards that was made by the Oklahoma Universal Human Rights Alliance (OUHRA). Our chapter co-sponsors the awards. We received a letter from an individual who was protesting the decision to recognize Kendall Wayne Vowell with an award in 2015. Mr. Vowell was recognized for his work to support the rehabilitation of prisoners. He, himself, is incarcerated for a crime he committed 34 years ago – a murder.

The letter of protest was from a family member of the murder victim. The letter asked for the award to be rescinded.

Priya brought this situation to the attention of the members of the OUHRA. They were
scheduled to meet earlier in the day (July 10th) to make a decision on the protest. We don’t know the outcome of the meeting yet.

C. Other. Sinead reported that Carmen Clay has invited our chapter to provide a guest speaker to participate in Peace Week activities at Casady School on September 12th. The speaker will fill a time slot from 7:45am to 8:30am. Alejandra Salinas volunteered for this task. Michelle Rodriguez also expressed an interest in helping.

(5) Tasks. We are looking for a volunteer to step into the role of Chapter Secretary. Also,
the office of Treasurer is available to anyone who has a knack for managing money and keeping a balance. Let Sinead know if you are interested.

Finally, consider making a gift to our chapter. It’s easy. Find the “donate” link on this webpage:

(6) Adjournment. With no further business to conduct, the meeting ended at 6:20pm.

Next Meeting:
Monday, August 14, 2017 — 5:30pm
The Disciples Center
301 NW 36th Street
OKC 73118

You can download a copy of the minutes here:


Meet Andrew Sartain, the Guest Speaker at our Young Professional Happy Hour

Andrew Sartain, Founder of Earth Rebirth

At our monthly Think Global, Drink Local Happy Hour this week, our topic of discussion will be the number one U.N. Millennium Development Goal: ending hunger. To help give the global issue a local perspective, we asked Andrew Sartain, founder of Earth Rebirth, to speak with us.

Earth Rebirth is a local non-profit based educating & empowering people on solutions in food, energy & water. Andrew believes that he most sustainable solutions apply to both the economy and environment and we can meet the needs of everyone without compromising the growth of society if done properly.

Earth Rebirth won the 2014 Oklahoma Recycling Nonprofit of the Year from Metropolitan Environmental Trust of Tulsa, the 2015 Environmental Excellence Winner (40,000+ city pop.) from Keep Oklahoma Beautiful, and the 2016 Small Business Recycling Award from the Norman Chamber of Commerce.

Some of Andrew’s main focuses with Earth Rebirth are promoting local sustainability with urban garden setups — some at local public schools — and cleaning, testing, and appreciating our local water sources.

We can’t wait to hear Andrew speak and can’t wait to meet with you all for another great Young Professional Happy Hour. We’ll see you Thursday at 6pm at Fassler Hall. After Andrew has inspired you, we’ll be giving out seed packets to start your own urban garden!

Our fundraiser and Young Professional Happy Hour last night were incredible!

A quick group photo to wrap up the night

We were so happy to see new and friendly faces last night at Guyutes on NW 23rd and Shartel! Wayne, co-owner and great guy, graciously partnered with us for Giving Tuesday, where Guyutes donates a portion of their sales to local non-profits. So all day people who had a drink and a bite were fundraising for UNA-OKC!

To take advantage of this, we invited everyone we knew to come out and eat and  the turnout was great. We saw another great local organization, Community Alliance of Oklahoma, holding their monthly meeting there to benefit us. Thanks!

Community Alliance of Oklahoma

We also held our monthly Young Professionals Happy Hour and our topic was the refugee crisis. We invited local American Red Cross employee, police translator, and former interpreter for U.S. forces in Iraq, Hiba Jameel, to talk about her experience coming to the United States as a refugee. Her story was incredibly powerful and we are so glad to have her in Oklahoma City. She is living testament that you don’t have to be born in America to be a patriot.

Our next Young Professionals Happy Hour will be on July 20th at Fassler Hall on NW 10th and Hudson at 6 pm. The topic will be about part of the number one United Nations Millennium Development Goal: End Hunger. Our guest speaker will talk about food scarcity in Oklahoma and we will be providing everyone with seeds to plan in their own home or community gardens. We can’t wait to see you there!

UNA-OKC Minutes April 10, 2017

Present: Kellen Brooks, Bill Bryant, Priya Desai, Larry Eberhardt, Misheala Giddings, Sinead Maguina, Bansari Mehta, Akash Patel, Michelle Rodriguez, Floydette Seal, Jo Hill Snyder, Richard White. 

Guests: Noel Jacobs, Sam West.  

Opening of Meeting, Introductions & Announcements. Sinead Maguina called the meeting to order at 5:35pm. We convened at the Disciples Center, 301 NW 36th Street.

(1)        Announcements: The directors addressed some items of general interest.

We started with introductions, and Noel Jacobs was welcomed to the meeting.


(a)   Sinead Maguina made an observation about a women’s conference at the University of Central Oklahoma. Our chapter staffed an outreach table. The keynote speaker was Virginia Gamba, who has served the United Nations as the Director of Disarmament Affairs in the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs. In 2015, she was appointed to a three-member panel to lead the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons-United Nations Joint Investigative Mechanism on the use of chemicals as weapons in Syria.


Ms. Gamba was described as warm, genuine. She was recently appointed by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres as his Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict.


The conference was supported with help from CTAUN, the Committee on Teaching About the United Nations. The theme of the conference was “Empowering Women.” It was sponsored by UCO.


(b)   International Student Awareness Day will be observed on April 19th at the State Capitol. Sinead announced that she will be able to represent our chapter there from 8 to 10am. Jo Hill Snyder volunteered to help, as well.


(c)    On April 23rd, there will be a Holocaust Commemoration at Oklahoma City Community College.


(d)   Hispanic Cultural Day will be celebrated at the State Capitol on May 1st from 12 Noon to 4pm. This is an outreach opportunity for our chapter. Sinead and Michelle (if possible) will represent us. Other volunteers are welcome to help out.


(e)   On the topic of strategic planning, Priya Desai reported that she is developing some items for future consideration by our leadership team.


(2)        Program Planning. The board considered the planning of future events.


Our first Young Professionals event will take place on Monday, April 24th. It will be a “Think Global / Drink Local” social hour at The Union at Sosa, 616 NW 5th Street in OKC. The happy hour will focus on the theme of World Immunization Week, which is being observed from April 24th through April 30th. We’ll use the event to highlight the good work of the Shot@Life Campaign.


Coincidentally, Shot@Life is sponsoring a National Call-In day on Friday, April 28th to tell our members of Congress to protect full funding for global childhood immunization programs.  See more at:


To prepare for the happy hour activities, Misheala Giddings has organized a small planning committee.


Michelle will share more information about the National Call-In Day via email.


In June, we have been invited to participate in Guyute’s Helping Friendly Tuesday event. Guyute’s is a restaurant at NW 23rd and Shartel. According to the internet, they serve “a gourmet menu from lunch to late night in a laid back atmosphere.” During their Helping Friendly Tuesday events, they offer to donate 10% of sales (excluding tax and tips) to a local non-profit organization. Our date is Tuesday, June 13th. More details will be shared at our next meeting.


Another fundraising possibility is offered by CiCi’s Pizza. Michelle is checking out the details.


More on programs. Michelle reminded us that Mandela Day will be on July 18th, the anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth.

We’re planning on a service project. It might be something to support the Boys & Girls Clubs. Or it might support Rebuilding OKC, we don’t know yet.

To enhance a sense of comradery, we think t-shirts are called for. Richard White has been our product research guy. There are several online sources that can produce a customized shirt for our chapter. We discussed designs, prices, quantities, etc.

Kellen Brooks moved to give a “soft OK” for Richard to move forward with an order; seconded by Bansari Mehta. This motion was approved.

Sinead suggested that we should set a dollar limit. A motion was made to authorize an investment of up to $800; seconded by Misheala. Motion approved.


(3)         Business Reports.

Minutes of the March Meeting. Priya moved for approval of the minutes of the March meeting; seconded by Michelle. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report. Floydette Seal gave us a financial report:

Treasurer’s Report

Previous Balance on 02/28/2017     …         …         …         $ 2,190.64

Income: Women’s Day Program     

Square, Inc.                 …         …         …         …            259.63

Eventbrite                   …         …         …         …            423.40

Event funds received              …         …         …            270.00

Total Income               …         …         …         $ 953.03


Women’s Day Program          …         …         …            223.22

YNPN Memberships for 4 of our Directors    …            100.00

Total Expenses            …         …         …         $ 323.22

Ending Balance 03/31/17      …         …         …         …        $ 2,820.45


—        —        —        —        —        —       


Michelle moved to receive the Financial Report; seconded by Priya. Motion carried.

Membership Development Report. Bansari reported that there was nothing new to share. She has not been receiving any reports from the national office.

Communications Report. Richard reported that UNA-USA is sponsoring an online #USAforUN petition to support full funding of America’s commitment to the United Nations. He encouraged each of us to sign the petition individually:


(4)        New Business. Two items were considered in this part of the meeting.


A. A Global Citizenship Awards Program. Akash Patel was recognized. He proposed a chapter-sponsored function similar to one that was recently produced by the Eastern Oklahoma chapter. That is, he suggested that we present an Award in Global Citizenship. The award could be given as part of a program – perhaps a gala. Akash offered to convene a planning committee for this purpose.


Discussion followed. Someone suggested that the award could be named for Ambassador Edward J. Perkins (US Ambassador to the UN, 1992 – 1993) or Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick (US Ambassador to the UN, 1981 – 1985). Both of them served under Republican presidents, and both have a connection to Oklahoma. Kirkpatrick was born in Oklahoma. Perkins was a faculty member at OU.


More discussion: Philosophy of ticket pricing; Criteria for honoring someone; A suggestion to hold the event in October – as part of our celebration of UN Day.


Sinead suggested that we should authorize Akash to proceed with planning; Richard seconded the motion. The motion was approved.


A further recommendation was made – that we should postpone our Public Service Award from June to October. The Public Service award could be given at the same time as the Global Citizenship award. Sinead asked for a vote; seconded by Kellen. Motion carried.


B. Malala. It was reported that a coalition of community groups have begun planning an event that will feature Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai if the proper funding can be found. Noel Jacobs reported on the details of the planning. Tentatively, Malala would speak in Oklahoma City. It would be a single appearance. It would take place in August.


Malala’s fee is very steep, and there was quite a bit of skepticism as to whether the budget for such an event can be realized. The members of our board expressed a willingness to contribute to this sort of program, but our capacity to contribute is miniscule compared to the funding that is needed.


No action was taken.


Before we left the subject of “New Business,” Priya announced that she has scheduled a visit to Rep. Tom Cole’s office in Norman. An appointment is set for Thursday, April 27th, at 4pm.


We will be advocating for global vaccines on behalf of the Shot@Life campaign. Let Priya know if you would like to participate.


(5)        Tasks. Consider making a gift to our chapter. It’s easy. Find the “donate” link on this webpage:


(6)        Adjournment. With no further business to conduct, the meeting ended at 6:48pm.

Our First Young Professional Happy Hour was a Success!

UNAOKC Board Members Sinead, Michelle, Kellen, and Priya welcoming new and old friends

Thanks to all who came out to meet other people in the Oklahoma City metro who are interested in a global community—even in a landlocked state in the middle of the country.

It was great meeting people from a variety of backgrounds and professions who all had a passion for international issues. We chose to highlight the U.N.’s Shot at Life campaign but were very interested to hear what you were most concerned with, like indigenous peoples’ rights and the protection of religious minorities.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you are following us on Twitter and Facebook to hear about more young professional happy hours and other advocacy projects.

Let Oklahoma City know that we need the U.N.!

We were also proud to debut our new t-shirts! You can buy yours for only $25. They come in crew neck and vee neck, depending on your personal style (we recommend buying both in bulk). We’ll have them available at our next UNAOKC happy hour in May!

Check out some of the pictures from yesterday’s event. We hope to see you again at the next one!

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UNA-OKC Minutes March 13, 2017


Present: Kellen Brooks, Bill Bryant, Priya Desai, Sinead Maguina, Bansari Mehta, Nancy Musselman, Michelle Rodriguez, Floydette Seal, Jo Hill Snyder, Richard White. 

Guest: Misheala Giddings.  

Regrets: Larry Eberhardt, Dee Freeland, Kye LeBoeuf, Firouz Mollaian, Akash Patel, Marina Rodriguez.

Opening of Meeting, Introductions & Announcements. Sinead Maguina called the meeting to order at 5:32pm. We convened at the Disciples Center, 301 NW 36th Street.

(1)        Announcements: The directors addressed some items of general interest.

Sinead Maguina opened the meeting with an observation about the Women’s Day Program on March 4th. She describe an amazing panel and an awesome auction. Our planning team deserves the highest order of congratulations.


Priya Desai was recognized, and she reported on income generated by the program:


Cash                … $115

Checks             …   155

Silent Auction …   259.63

Eventbrite       …   243.40


Also, it was announced that Jerry Stephens has resigned from the board. We thank him for his service to the chapter, and we send him best wishes on his retirement adventures.

(2)        Program Planning
. The discussion turned to Strategic Planning and Committee Updates.


It was noted that we need to give greater attention to our advocacy efforts. We need to ask our Members of Congress to resist the president’s efforts to cut funding to international organizations like the United Nations.


The board considered the planning of future events.


Michelle Rodriguez mentioned that we typically organize a service event of some kind for Nelson Mandela Day in July. It was suggested that this year’s project could be something in partnership with “Rebuilding OKC.” There will be more discussion at our meeting in April.


Another idea was mentioned. In past years, we have presented a Public Service Award to a public sector worker (government, school, etc.) whose activities coincide in some way with the mission of the United Nations. Past winners have included Oklahomans who work on issues like human trafficking, child labor, soil & water conversation, education, etc.


It was suggested that we should revive the award. A presentation could be made in June — the UN Day for Public Service is June 23rd.


We agreed to pursue this plan. An online nomination form will be published.


More on programs. World Immunization Week begins April 24th. This week is recognized by the World Health Organization. The Shot@Life Campaign is organizing a national call-in for the same week. We should participate.


Another idea arose. That is, we should organize a Young Professionals networking event — a happy hour, perhaps, with a speaker. Oklahoma City has a local chapter of the Young Non-profit Professionals Network (YNPN), and they offer an opportunity for us to reach out to young professionals in our sector.


We discussed buying a group membership in YNPN. We would need 5 volunteers from our UNA group to participate. They were quickly identified: Richard White, Kellen Brooks, Michelle Rodriguez, Bansari Mehta, and one other.


Sinead moved to authorize the expenditure of $125 to sponsor 5 volunteers (named above) to join YNPN, with the expenditure to be reimbursed by each individual — $25 x 5 = $125. A second was offered by Nancy Musselman. Motion carried by consensus.


More on programs. Priya reminded us that the International Day of Peace will be on September 21st.

Michelle posed a question. She reported that Mandela Day will be on July 18th, the anniversary of his birth. So, if we choose to do a service activity on a Saturday in July, would you prefer July 15th or July 22nd?

No preference was determined.

The discussion evolved. Someone mentioned the possibility of creating a team t-shirt — something to build a team identity and add to our chapter’s visibility in the community. It might be nice to have for our Mandela Day activity, whatever it turns out to be.

Richard volunteered to create a design. He mentioned that there are online vendors that can be used to produce the t-shirts. We might even set up an online shop.

There was one other topic under the subject of Program Planning. It was noted that our Hideaway Pizza fundraiser was held on Tuesday, March 7th. It was not publicized very well, and only a few people participated. We should try to do another fundraiser of this style.


(3)         Business Reports.

Minutes of the February Meeting. Priya moved for approval of the minutes of the February meeting; seconded by Michelle. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report. Floydette Seal reported that there were no transactions during the month of February. The balance in the bank is $2,190.64.

Bill Bryant moved to receive the Financial Report; seconded by Richard White. Motion carried.

Membership Development Report. Bansari reported that there was nothing new to share.

Communications Report. Bill reported that the number of “likes” on our Facebook page shot up while we were sharing information about the Women’s Day program. More than 600 people follow our page now, a number that is increasing over time. Public awareness of our chapter grows when we have events to publicize.


(4)        New Business. Two items were considered in this part of the meeting.


  1. Bylaws. Sinead directed our attention to a proposed new set of bylaws. The new bylaws are recommended by our national office. The national office intends to enforce minimum standards for all local chapters to follow.


Discussion: Approval of the new bylaws by our board of directors will not be the final action on this item. We will also need to present the new bylaws to our chapter members for a vote in a general membership meeting.


Kellen moved to approve the new bylaws as presented; seconded by Michelle. VOTE: All Aye. The bylaws were approved.


  1. Filling a Vacancy on the Board. Kellen moved to appoint Misheala Giddings to serve as a member of the board of directors. The motion was seconded, and a vote was called. Vote: All Aye; motion carried.


It was suggested that Misheala should be appointed to serve as our Young Professionals Chair. Sinead agreed, and so did Misheala. Congratulations, Misheala!


(5)        Tasks.


  1. Consider Taking Over the Secretary Position. Bill offered to fill the job of Secretary on the condition that someone else would be appointed as Communications Chair. Bill was voted in as Secretary. It was suggested that Richard should be appointed to serve as our Communications Chair.


Communications Director. Without objection, Sinead appointed Richard to serve as the Communications Chair, and Richard agreed. Congratulations, Richard!


  1. Consider Giving Back to our Chapter. Consider making a gift to our chapter. It’s easy. Find the “donate” link on this webpage:


(6)        Adjournment. With no further business to conduct, the meeting ended at 6:22pm.


Next Meeting:
Monday, April 10, 2017 — 5:30pm
The Disciples Center
301 NW 36th Street
OKC   73118 

Inaugural UNAOKC Young Professional Happy Hour


Come join your local United Nations Association chapter on Monday, April 24th at 5:30 PM at The Union at Sosa for our first of many young professional events! Each happy hour will briefly have speakers and advocacy actions that relation to a certain international cause.

This month’s event will be catered to the UN Foundation campaign “Shot at Life”, since that week is world immunization week! So come out, get a drink, and make some new friends while making a change!

UNA-OKC Minutes February 13, 2017


Present: Kellen Brooks, Bill Bryant, Priya Desai, Larry Eberhardt, Sinead Maguina, Bansari Mehta, Nancy Musselman, Floydette Seal, Jo Hill Snyder, Richard White. 

Guests: Misheala Giddings, Sam West. 

Regrets: Dee Freeland, Kye LeBoeuf, Firouz Mollaian, Akash Patel, Marina Rodriguez, Michelle Rodriguez, Jerry Stephens. 

Opening of Meeting, Introductions & Announcements. Sinead Maguina called the meeting to order at 5:32pm. We convened at the Disciples Center, 301 NW 36th Street.

(1) Announcements: The directors addressed some items of general interest. 

Sam West introduced himself, and we welcomed him to the meeting. It was noted that membership in UNA-USA is a minimum requirement for serving on our leadership team. It’s easy to join. There is an online sign-up page here …

(a) The next program of the Jewish Muslim Film Institute will be on Sunday, March 5th, at the Temple B’Nai Israel. It will be a panel discussion featuring a report on a recent interfaith tour of the Holy Land.

(b) Priya Desai reported briefly that she is continuing to work on items related to strategic planning.

(2) Program Planning. The attention of the directors turned to program planning. Our discussion was focused on our Women’s Day program.

The program was outlined:

Date / Time … Saturday, March 4th, from 1pm to 3:30pm.

Location … Raindrop Turkish House, OKC.

Details … The annual United Nations Association of Oklahoma City Women’s Day Fundraiser will be a panel on movement building during difficult times called Organizing Women.

Our distinguished panel includes: Sarah Adams-Cornell, Tamya Cox, Dr. Maria del Guadalupe Davidson.

Moderator: Dr. Rebecca Cruise. 2

Please join us for light refreshments, a silent auction, and an engaging panel discussion followed by a question and answer period.

Richard agreed to create a flyer, Facebook Event, and a page on Eventbrite for tickets. It was agreed that we will ask $10 for admission ($5 for students).

The good folks at the Turkish House will provide Baklava, and we will bring cheese and fruit.

Kellen and Richard agreed to staff the registration table. Misheala will manage the silent auction table.

The title of the program is, “Organizing Women: A Panel on Overcoming Adversity.” 

Priya offered a motion to approve the plan as outlined; seconded by Bill Bryant. The plan for the program was approved by consensus.

(3) Business Reports. 

Minutes of the January Meeting. The minutes of the January meeting were distributed. Priya moved for their approval. Bansari Mehta offered a second. The minutes were approved: All Aye. 3

Returning to the discussion about our Women’s Day program, a suggestion was made that we should offer to compensate the Raindrop House for hosting our program. Sinead offered to get a $50 gift card, and we agreed to reimburse her.

Treasurer’s Report. Floydette circulated a report on the chapter’s finances through January 31, 2017. (See below). Bill moved to accept the report, and a second was heard. Approved without objection.

Treasurer’s Report 

Previous Balance on 12/31/2016 … … … $ 1,578.54 


Better World Fund, Qtr 3 … … … 450.00

S&B Burgers … … … … 161.85

Pay Pal Transfer … … … 48.25

Total Income … … … $ 660.10


MWC MLK Breakfast Registration … … 35.00

Richard White – Website Fee … … 13.00

Total Expenses … … … $ 48.00

Ending Balance 12/31/16 … … … … $ 2,190.64 

— — — — — — 

Membership Development Report. Bansari Mehta reported that she has not received an update from the national office in several weeks.

At this point in the meeting, Kellen Brooks reported that she received a message from Michelle Rodriguez. Michelle described several items that have been donated for the silent auction.

Communications Report. The new website looks great, and we’re continuing to stay engaged with our community through social media.

Facebook …

Twitter …

(4) New Business. There were 4 items to be considered in this portion of the meeting. 4

a. Hispanic Cultural Day at the State Capitol, May 1st, 12 Noon to 4pm.

Our chapter has been invited to participate in the Hispanic Cultural Day at the State Capitol on May 1st.

b. Hideaway Fundraiser: Tuesday, March 7th.

Michelle has arranged for our chapter to receive a portion of the proceeds at Hideaway Pizza on North Western Ave. on Tuesday, March 7th, 4pm to close. Eat at the Hideaway, and support your local chapter of the UN Association.

c. UN Running Team – YWCA Sexual Assault Awareness Month Fundraiser: Saturday, April 22nd.

We have been invited to participate in the YWCA’s 5K fundraising run. It will take place on Saturday, April 22nd. The race starts at 7am. Richard is interested.

d. New mandated chapter bylaws: Review.

All chapters are being asked to sign a new affiliation agreement with UNA-USA. Additionally, the national organization has set some new guidelines for local chapter bylaws. We need to review our bylaws, and take necessary action by April 1st. This will be an item for our meeting in March.

(5) Tasks. Consider making a gift to our chapter. It’s easy. Find the “donate” link on this webpage:

Additionally, Sinead is seeking a volunteer to take over the Secretary position. Let her know if you’d like the job:

And, we’re looking for someone to step into the role of Advocacy Director. Let Sinead know if you’re interested.

(6) Adjournment. At the conclusion of the meeting, Priya made a motion to adjourn, and it was seconded by Bansari. Without opposition, the meeting ended at about 5:59pm.

Next Meeting: Monday, March 13, 2017 — 5:30pm The Disciples Center 301 NW 36th Street OKC 73118

“Organizing Women”


Enjoy Our Women’s Day Program in Oklahoma City on Saturday, March 4th

The annual United Nations Association of Oklahoma City Women’s Day Fundraiser will be a panel discussion on movement building during difficult times called “Organizing Women.” It will be:
Saturday, March 4th — 1pm
Raindrop Turkish House
4444 N Classen Blvd
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118
Our distinguished panel will include:
Sarah Adams-Cornell … Human rights activist, champion of indigenous peoples and cultures, co-founder of Matriarch;
Tamya Cox … Regional director of Public Policy and Organizing for Planned Parenthood, Great Plains;
Dr. Maria del Guadalupe Davidson … co-director of the Women’s and Gender Studies Center for Social Justice at the University of Oklahoma;
And will be moderated by:
Dr. Rebecca Cruise … Assistant Dean, College of International Studies, University of Oklahoma.
Please join us for light refreshments, a silent auction, and an engaging panel discussion followed by a question and answer period.

Tickets on Sale Now. $10 / $5
Buy your tickets now on Eventbrite …


… Proceeds will benefit your Oklahoma City chapter of the United Nations Association of the USA.



Meeting the Needs of the World’s Women

In July 2010, the United Nations General Assembly created UN Women, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. In doing so, UN Member States took an historic step in accelerating the Organization’s goals on gender equality and the empowerment of women.
Over many decades, the UN has made significant progress in advancing gender equality, including through landmark agreements such as the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). Gender equality is not only a basic human right, but its achievement has enormous socio-economic ramifications. Empowering women fuels thriving economies, spurring productivity and growth.
Grounded in the vision of equality enshrined in the UN Charter, UN Women, among other issues, works for the: elimination of discrimination against women and girls; empowerment of women; and achievement of equality between women and men as partners and beneficiaries of development, human rights, humanitarian action and peace and security.
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Rex D. Friend

“Lawyers refer human and civil rights cases to Rex. I have seen him in the trenches, community activities for 30 years. Pro-bono work for the poor is his stock-in-trade.”
–Wilfredo SantosRivera

Rex Friend is active in Oklahoma’s interfaith community, he defends the rights of immigrants, and he speaks for the rights of prisoners and others. He will be honored as one of the 2016 winners of the Oklahoma Human Rights Award.

After growing up on a cattle ranch in rural northwest Oklahoma, Rex Friend attended Northwestern Oklahoma State University, where he received his B.A. in Sociology in 1975. He then began at the University of Oklahoma, which he received his M.A. in Sociology in 1980. After working as a social worker at Children’s Hospital for several years, Rex entered law school. He received his J.D. in 1983 from OU.

Seeing clients from various religious and several nations is standard practice for Rex, as he practices Immigration Law in Oklahoma City. He has also represented many stigmatized populations: gays and lesbians, prisoners, the disabled, and persons with AIDS.

Mr. Friend served six years on the Executive Committee of the Central Region of the American Friends Service Committee (a Quaker organization devoted to service, development, and peace programs throughout the world). He serves on the board of the Oklahoma Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, the Peace House, the Oklahoma Conference of Churches, and several non-profits that further his values of improving life for our marginalized brothers and sisters.

Rex’s profession and lifestyle represent his Quaker values, including that all people are of great worth and deserving of equal treatment.

To the greatest extent possible, Rex approaches issues from a preventive, problem solving perspective, focused on root causes. He relies on the power of dialogue and respect to build bridges with potential “opponents.” This commitment to non-adversarial relationships reflects the Quaker beliefs of non-violence and respecting and maintaining the dignity of all people.

When asked about the pivotal influences that resulted in the nature of his practice being one of service, Rex states, “As a boy growing up in a rural, sparsely populated, northwest, Freedom, Oklahoma, my family, my community, and church impressed upon me that whatever talents I might have, I should develop and use for the common good.

You’re invited to attend the presentation of the 2016 Human Rights Awards on Saturday, December 10th, in the House Chamber of the Oklahoma State Capitol. The program will begin at 10am. It will be emcee’d by former State Representative Seneca Scott. There is no charge to attend. Following the awards program, you are invited to enjoy a Free Speech Forum in the Senate Assembly Room from 12 Noon to 2pm.

Every year, the Oklahoma Human Rights Awards are co-sponsored by the Oklahoma City chapter of the United Nations Association and the Oklahoma Universal Human Rights Alliance.

Previous winners of the award include educators, physicians, students, and community volunteers from many different communities and all walks of life. They are united by their enduring commitment to the values and principles expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

For more information about the awards program, please contact Wilfredo Santosrivera, 405-631-3027.