Meet Angela Beatty, panelist at our International Women’s Day event

Angela Beatty Photo

This year’s theme for the Commission on the Status of Women 62 is Empowering Rural Women and Girls. UNA-OKC took this to heart when we chose our panelists and the topics we would be covering. We looked at what issues Oklahoma women and girls, both urban and rural, face in this state. Domestic violence has a high prevalence in Oklahoma. We felt that it was not only necessary, but crucial to include this in our Women’s Day dialogue. Specific data to Oklahoma can be found here.

Meet Angela Beatty. Angela Beatty, BA, CDSVRP, is the Senior Director of Domestic Violence Victim Services at YWCA Oklahoma City. In this capacity, she provides leadership, management and supervision for all of the agency’s domestic violence programs as well as offers direct services in the areas of risk assessment, safety planning, court accompaniment, individual and group support to survivors of domestic violence. Angela received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Tulsa in 2007. She has 9 years of social services experience and has previous professional experience with children in the child welfare system as well as providing case management services to newly identified HIV positive individuals.

In 2014, Angela completed the training to become a Certified Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Professional. The rigorous training program was crafted by the Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault to provide advanced crisis intervention, trauma and advocacy expertise to those working with survivors every day. While at YWCA, Angela has served on the agency’s Multicultural Competency Committee and worked on the Board of the Women of Color Caucus to address the specific needs that women of color have while receiving services at the DV/SA programs across the state. She was recently given the opportunity to serve on a special taskforce with the Oklahoma Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board to address how homicide disproportionately affects among Women of Color.

To hear more about domestic violence in the state of Oklahoma and its effects on women and girls, come and join us at this year’s International Women’s Day Program. Buy tickets here.

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