candace liger peace day 2017.png
Candace Liger of ACLU Oklahoma speaks at the International Peace Day rally hosted by UNA-USA Oklahoma City (Richard White photo)

The United Nations Association of Oklahoma City (UNAOKC) hosted a rally at the Oklahoma State Capitol building on Thursday in honor of U.N. International Peace Day.

An estimated crowd of 40 gathered at the at the steps of the Capitol at 6 pm for a casual rally before the special session began Monday.

Dr. Nyla Khan speaking at the Capitol (Alejandra Salinas photo)

Richard White, Director of Communications for UNAOKC, began the laid back affair without podium or microphone and introduced the guest speakers: Dr. Nyla Khan of the University of Oklahoma and Rose State College, Maurianna Adams of Community Alliance of Oklahoma, Camille Landry of Black Lives Matter Oklahoma, and Candace Liger of ACLU Oklahoma.

Khan spoke about the effect of U.S. foreign policy as it relates to international peace. “The perpetuation of a politics that emphasizes, reinforces, or creates cultural myopia and monocultural identities in societies as diverse as those of the US and South Asia would be the bane of our existence,” she declared.

2017-09-21 18.30.15
Maurianna Adams speaking at the Capitol (Kuaybe Basturk photo)

The next speaker, Adams, discussed peace as it relates to our local community. Landry touched on a wide variety of topics from environmental justice to racial justice and closed her speech with a poem.

Liger spoke about peace as self-care and asked the small gathering what personally brought them peace and related it to what brought her and her family peace. She emphasized self care in a world where peace is disrupted by systemic racism in local bureaucracies.

Camille Landry speaking at the Capitol (Alejandra Salinas photo)

After the short speeches, the crowd moved to the south lawn to plant “pinwheels for peace,” a program that local schools and Girl Scout troops contributed to by decorating pinwheels. After the picturesque presentation was planted in the park, the group made plans to meet afterward at local patio lounge The Pump on NW 24th St.

UNAOKC will be having its next public event on October 26th at 6:30 pm at Jones Assembly. Their monthly Young Professionals Happy Hour will be hosting Jamie Caves of Sisu Youth Services, a shelter for at-risk teenagers.

More photos from the event can be found below:

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