Meet Andrew Sartain, the Guest Speaker at our Young Professional Happy Hour

Andrew Sartain, Founder of Earth Rebirth

At our monthly Think Global, Drink Local Happy Hour this week, our topic of discussion will be the number one U.N. Millennium Development Goal: ending hunger. To help give the global issue a local perspective, we asked Andrew Sartain, founder of Earth Rebirth, to speak with us.

Earth Rebirth is a local non-profit based educating & empowering people on solutions in food, energy & water. Andrew believes that he most sustainable solutions apply to both the economy and environment and we can meet the needs of everyone without compromising the growth of society if done properly.

Earth Rebirth won the 2014 Oklahoma Recycling Nonprofit of the Year from Metropolitan Environmental Trust of Tulsa, the 2015 Environmental Excellence Winner (40,000+ city pop.) from Keep Oklahoma Beautiful, and the 2016 Small Business Recycling Award from the Norman Chamber of Commerce.

Some of Andrew’s main focuses with Earth Rebirth are promoting local sustainability with urban garden setups — some at local public schools — and cleaning, testing, and appreciating our local water sources.

We can’t wait to hear Andrew speak and can’t wait to meet with you all for another great Young Professional Happy Hour. We’ll see you Thursday at 6pm at Fassler Hall. After Andrew has inspired you, we’ll be giving out seed packets to start your own urban garden!

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