UNA-OKC Meeting Minutes July 10, 2017

Present: Kellen Brooks, Bill Bryant, Priya Desai, Misheala Giddings, Sinead Maguina, Bansari Mehta, Michelle Rodriguez, Floydette Seal, Jo Snyder.

Guest: Alejandra Salinas.

Opening of Meeting, Introductions & Announcements. Sinead called the meeting to order at 5:34pm. We convened at the Disciples Center, 301 NW 36th Street.

(1) Announcements: The directors addressed an item of general interest.
Our Young Professionals Happy Hour will take place at 6pm on Thursday, July 20th, at Fassler Hall. This will be our “Think Global / Drink Local” program. This month’s emphasis is on hunger and sustainable development. Guest speaker, Andrew Sartain of Earth Rebirth.

In August, Think Global / Drink Local is scheduled for August 18th. Misheala will have the details about the time, place, etc.

(2) Program Planning. The board considered the planning of future events.

(a) Nelson Mandela Day. This is our annual day of community service. We will form a team of volunteers to work at the Mercy Food Pantry, 3840 N. St. Clair Ave., in OKC. We’ll meet there on Saturday, July 15th, at 10am.

(b) Think Global / Drink Local. (See above).

(c) Peace Day. Two events are being planned in conjunction with the International Day of Peace, September 21st. First, on Peace Day itself, we will create a field of pinwheels at the State Capitol. It will be a static display that can be enjoyed by people as they pass by on Lincoln Boulevard. We’ll ask several community representatives to participate in a ceremony commemorating the International Day of Peace display. Details are still being worked out.

The second event will take place a couple of weeks in advance of Peace Day. We have been invited to participate in the Turkish Festival on Saturday, September 9th, at the Myriad Gardens. There will be a peace walk at 2pm. Additionally, throughout the day, we will have a table where we will invite people to make pinwheels to be donated to our Peace Day display at the Capitol. We’ll offer raw materials that can be crafted into
2 small, colorful pinwheels. We’ll invite people to add a small message of peace to their

It was suggested that we should also have a supply of ready-made pinwheels to sell as a
fund-raiser. Michelle has an on-line source for durable, inexpensive pinwheels.
The Peace Day planning committee includes Sinead, Priya, Michelle, Misheala, Bill, Sarah
Adams-Cornell, Noel Jacobs, Kadir Akkus (Raindrop Turkish House), and others.

(d) United Nations Day will be observed on Saturday, October 21st. This year’s theme is
“Global Goals, Local Leaders.” We’re hoping that Nancy is able to get approval from
Mayflower Church to use their community hall. A panel discussion will be organized, andit will relate to Global Goals somehow. We’re hoping for a 3-4 person panel plus a
moderator. Lunch will be served. We need to be thinking about Silent Auction items,

(e) Michelle observed that we ought to have a fund-raiser in advance of UN Day so that
we’ll have cash on hand to pay for catering. We brainstormed some possible event ideas
and venues. Michelle will do some research. Further discussion will take place via email
or elsewhere online.

(3) Business Reports.
Minutes of the June Meeting. The minutes of the June meeting were reviewed. Priya moved for their approval; seconded by Michelle. Motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report. Floydette Seal gave us a financial report:

Treasurer’s Report
Previous Balance on 05/31/2017 … … … $ 2,835.03
Donations … … … … 70.00
PayPal Transfer … … … … 96.80
Total Income … … … $ 166.80
No expenditures … … … … 0.00
Total Expenses … … … $ 0.00
Ending Balance 06/30/17 … … … … $ 3,001.83

It was noted that the rental fee on our post office box is due. Floydette is on it.
Membership Development Report. Bansari summarized the latest membership report from our national office.

(The report for the period ending June, 2017, shows that we have 46 regular [paid] members and 26 GenUN members).

(4) New Business. Several items were considered in this part of the meeting.

A. Fund-Raising. It was noted that fund-raising is a continuing need of our chapter. Is anyone interested in Bowling for Peace? Possibly on December 9 or 10? Ideas are being explored.

B. Human Rights Award Sponsorship Situation. Priya reported on a controversy arising from one of the human rights awards that was made by the Oklahoma Universal Human Rights Alliance (OUHRA). Our chapter co-sponsors the awards. We received a letter from an individual who was protesting the decision to recognize Kendall Wayne Vowell with an award in 2015. Mr. Vowell was recognized for his work to support the rehabilitation of prisoners. He, himself, is incarcerated for a crime he committed 34 years ago – a murder.

The letter of protest was from a family member of the murder victim. The letter asked for the award to be rescinded.

Priya brought this situation to the attention of the members of the OUHRA. They were
scheduled to meet earlier in the day (July 10th) to make a decision on the protest. We don’t know the outcome of the meeting yet.

C. Other. Sinead reported that Carmen Clay has invited our chapter to provide a guest speaker to participate in Peace Week activities at Casady School on September 12th. The speaker will fill a time slot from 7:45am to 8:30am. Alejandra Salinas volunteered for this task. Michelle Rodriguez also expressed an interest in helping.

(5) Tasks. We are looking for a volunteer to step into the role of Chapter Secretary. Also,
the office of Treasurer is available to anyone who has a knack for managing money and keeping a balance. Let Sinead know if you are interested.

Finally, consider making a gift to our chapter. It’s easy. Find the “donate” link on this webpage:


(6) Adjournment. With no further business to conduct, the meeting ended at 6:20pm.

Next Meeting:
Monday, August 14, 2017 — 5:30pm
The Disciples Center
301 NW 36th Street
OKC 73118

You can download a copy of the minutes here:


Meet Andrew Sartain, the Guest Speaker at our Young Professional Happy Hour

Andrew Sartain, Founder of Earth Rebirth

At our monthly Think Global, Drink Local Happy Hour this week, our topic of discussion will be the number one U.N. Millennium Development Goal: ending hunger. To help give the global issue a local perspective, we asked Andrew Sartain, founder of Earth Rebirth, to speak with us.

Earth Rebirth is a local non-profit based educating & empowering people on solutions in food, energy & water. Andrew believes that he most sustainable solutions apply to both the economy and environment and we can meet the needs of everyone without compromising the growth of society if done properly.

Earth Rebirth won the 2014 Oklahoma Recycling Nonprofit of the Year from Metropolitan Environmental Trust of Tulsa, the 2015 Environmental Excellence Winner (40,000+ city pop.) from Keep Oklahoma Beautiful, and the 2016 Small Business Recycling Award from the Norman Chamber of Commerce.

Some of Andrew’s main focuses with Earth Rebirth are promoting local sustainability with urban garden setups — some at local public schools — and cleaning, testing, and appreciating our local water sources.

We can’t wait to hear Andrew speak and can’t wait to meet with you all for another great Young Professional Happy Hour. We’ll see you Thursday at 6pm at Fassler Hall. After Andrew has inspired you, we’ll be giving out seed packets to start your own urban garden!