UNA-OKC Minutes April 10, 2017

Present: Kellen Brooks, Bill Bryant, Priya Desai, Larry Eberhardt, Misheala Giddings, Sinead Maguina, Bansari Mehta, Akash Patel, Michelle Rodriguez, Floydette Seal, Jo Hill Snyder, Richard White. 

Guests: Noel Jacobs, Sam West.  

Opening of Meeting, Introductions & Announcements. Sinead Maguina called the meeting to order at 5:35pm. We convened at the Disciples Center, 301 NW 36th Street.

(1)        Announcements: The directors addressed some items of general interest.

We started with introductions, and Noel Jacobs was welcomed to the meeting.


(a)   Sinead Maguina made an observation about a women’s conference at the University of Central Oklahoma. Our chapter staffed an outreach table. The keynote speaker was Virginia Gamba, who has served the United Nations as the Director of Disarmament Affairs in the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs. In 2015, she was appointed to a three-member panel to lead the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons-United Nations Joint Investigative Mechanism on the use of chemicals as weapons in Syria.


Ms. Gamba was described as warm, genuine. She was recently appointed by United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres as his Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict.


The conference was supported with help from CTAUN, the Committee on Teaching About the United Nations. The theme of the conference was “Empowering Women.” It was sponsored by UCO.


(b)   International Student Awareness Day will be observed on April 19th at the State Capitol. Sinead announced that she will be able to represent our chapter there from 8 to 10am. Jo Hill Snyder volunteered to help, as well.


(c)    On April 23rd, there will be a Holocaust Commemoration at Oklahoma City Community College.


(d)   Hispanic Cultural Day will be celebrated at the State Capitol on May 1st from 12 Noon to 4pm. This is an outreach opportunity for our chapter. Sinead and Michelle (if possible) will represent us. Other volunteers are welcome to help out.


(e)   On the topic of strategic planning, Priya Desai reported that she is developing some items for future consideration by our leadership team.


(2)        Program Planning. The board considered the planning of future events.


Our first Young Professionals event will take place on Monday, April 24th. It will be a “Think Global / Drink Local” social hour at The Union at Sosa, 616 NW 5th Street in OKC. The happy hour will focus on the theme of World Immunization Week, which is being observed from April 24th through April 30th. We’ll use the event to highlight the good work of the Shot@Life Campaign.


Coincidentally, Shot@Life is sponsoring a National Call-In day on Friday, April 28th to tell our members of Congress to protect full funding for global childhood immunization programs.  See more at: http://shotatlife.org/2017/04/19/call-member-world-immunizations-week-2017/#sthash.VTl1m5M4.dpuf


To prepare for the happy hour activities, Misheala Giddings has organized a small planning committee.


Michelle will share more information about the National Call-In Day via email.


In June, we have been invited to participate in Guyute’s Helping Friendly Tuesday event. Guyute’s is a restaurant at NW 23rd and Shartel. According to the internet, they serve “a gourmet menu from lunch to late night in a laid back atmosphere.” During their Helping Friendly Tuesday events, they offer to donate 10% of sales (excluding tax and tips) to a local non-profit organization. Our date is Tuesday, June 13th. More details will be shared at our next meeting.


Another fundraising possibility is offered by CiCi’s Pizza. Michelle is checking out the details.


More on programs. Michelle reminded us that Mandela Day will be on July 18th, the anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth.

We’re planning on a service project. It might be something to support the Boys & Girls Clubs. Or it might support Rebuilding OKC, we don’t know yet.

To enhance a sense of comradery, we think t-shirts are called for. Richard White has been our product research guy. There are several online sources that can produce a customized shirt for our chapter. We discussed designs, prices, quantities, etc.

Kellen Brooks moved to give a “soft OK” for Richard to move forward with an order; seconded by Bansari Mehta. This motion was approved.

Sinead suggested that we should set a dollar limit. A motion was made to authorize an investment of up to $800; seconded by Misheala. Motion approved.


(3)         Business Reports.

Minutes of the March Meeting. Priya moved for approval of the minutes of the March meeting; seconded by Michelle. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report. Floydette Seal gave us a financial report:

Treasurer’s Report

Previous Balance on 02/28/2017     …         …         …         $ 2,190.64

Income: Women’s Day Program     

Square, Inc.                 …         …         …         …            259.63

Eventbrite                   …         …         …         …            423.40

Event funds received              …         …         …            270.00

Total Income               …         …         …         $ 953.03


Women’s Day Program          …         …         …            223.22

YNPN Memberships for 4 of our Directors    …            100.00

Total Expenses            …         …         …         $ 323.22

Ending Balance 03/31/17      …         …         …         …        $ 2,820.45


—        —        —        —        —        —       


Michelle moved to receive the Financial Report; seconded by Priya. Motion carried.

Membership Development Report. Bansari reported that there was nothing new to share. She has not been receiving any reports from the national office.

Communications Report. Richard reported that UNA-USA is sponsoring an online #USAforUN petition to support full funding of America’s commitment to the United Nations. He encouraged each of us to sign the petition individually:




(4)        New Business. Two items were considered in this part of the meeting.


A. A Global Citizenship Awards Program. Akash Patel was recognized. He proposed a chapter-sponsored function similar to one that was recently produced by the Eastern Oklahoma chapter. That is, he suggested that we present an Award in Global Citizenship. The award could be given as part of a program – perhaps a gala. Akash offered to convene a planning committee for this purpose.


Discussion followed. Someone suggested that the award could be named for Ambassador Edward J. Perkins (US Ambassador to the UN, 1992 – 1993) or Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick (US Ambassador to the UN, 1981 – 1985). Both of them served under Republican presidents, and both have a connection to Oklahoma. Kirkpatrick was born in Oklahoma. Perkins was a faculty member at OU.


More discussion: Philosophy of ticket pricing; Criteria for honoring someone; A suggestion to hold the event in October – as part of our celebration of UN Day.


Sinead suggested that we should authorize Akash to proceed with planning; Richard seconded the motion. The motion was approved.


A further recommendation was made – that we should postpone our Public Service Award from June to October. The Public Service award could be given at the same time as the Global Citizenship award. Sinead asked for a vote; seconded by Kellen. Motion carried.


B. Malala. It was reported that a coalition of community groups have begun planning an event that will feature Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai if the proper funding can be found. Noel Jacobs reported on the details of the planning. Tentatively, Malala would speak in Oklahoma City. It would be a single appearance. It would take place in August.


Malala’s fee is very steep, and there was quite a bit of skepticism as to whether the budget for such an event can be realized. The members of our board expressed a willingness to contribute to this sort of program, but our capacity to contribute is miniscule compared to the funding that is needed.


No action was taken.


Before we left the subject of “New Business,” Priya announced that she has scheduled a visit to Rep. Tom Cole’s office in Norman. An appointment is set for Thursday, April 27th, at 4pm.


We will be advocating for global vaccines on behalf of the Shot@Life campaign. Let Priya know if you would like to participate.


(5)        Tasks. Consider making a gift to our chapter. It’s easy. Find the “donate” link on this webpage:



(6)        Adjournment. With no further business to conduct, the meeting ended at 6:48pm.

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