UNA-OKC Minutes March 13, 2017


Present: Kellen Brooks, Bill Bryant, Priya Desai, Sinead Maguina, Bansari Mehta, Nancy Musselman, Michelle Rodriguez, Floydette Seal, Jo Hill Snyder, Richard White. 

Guest: Misheala Giddings.  

Regrets: Larry Eberhardt, Dee Freeland, Kye LeBoeuf, Firouz Mollaian, Akash Patel, Marina Rodriguez.

Opening of Meeting, Introductions & Announcements. Sinead Maguina called the meeting to order at 5:32pm. We convened at the Disciples Center, 301 NW 36th Street.

(1)        Announcements: The directors addressed some items of general interest.

Sinead Maguina opened the meeting with an observation about the Women’s Day Program on March 4th. She describe an amazing panel and an awesome auction. Our planning team deserves the highest order of congratulations.


Priya Desai was recognized, and she reported on income generated by the program:


Cash                … $115

Checks             …   155

Silent Auction …   259.63

Eventbrite       …   243.40


Also, it was announced that Jerry Stephens has resigned from the board. We thank him for his service to the chapter, and we send him best wishes on his retirement adventures.

(2)        Program Planning
. The discussion turned to Strategic Planning and Committee Updates.


It was noted that we need to give greater attention to our advocacy efforts. We need to ask our Members of Congress to resist the president’s efforts to cut funding to international organizations like the United Nations.


The board considered the planning of future events.


Michelle Rodriguez mentioned that we typically organize a service event of some kind for Nelson Mandela Day in July. It was suggested that this year’s project could be something in partnership with “Rebuilding OKC.” There will be more discussion at our meeting in April.


Another idea was mentioned. In past years, we have presented a Public Service Award to a public sector worker (government, school, etc.) whose activities coincide in some way with the mission of the United Nations. Past winners have included Oklahomans who work on issues like human trafficking, child labor, soil & water conversation, education, etc.


It was suggested that we should revive the award. A presentation could be made in June — the UN Day for Public Service is June 23rd.



We agreed to pursue this plan. An online nomination form will be published.


More on programs. World Immunization Week begins April 24th. This week is recognized by the World Health Organization. The Shot@Life Campaign is organizing a national call-in for the same week. We should participate.



Another idea arose. That is, we should organize a Young Professionals networking event — a happy hour, perhaps, with a speaker. Oklahoma City has a local chapter of the Young Non-profit Professionals Network (YNPN), and they offer an opportunity for us to reach out to young professionals in our sector.



We discussed buying a group membership in YNPN. We would need 5 volunteers from our UNA group to participate. They were quickly identified: Richard White, Kellen Brooks, Michelle Rodriguez, Bansari Mehta, and one other.


Sinead moved to authorize the expenditure of $125 to sponsor 5 volunteers (named above) to join YNPN, with the expenditure to be reimbursed by each individual — $25 x 5 = $125. A second was offered by Nancy Musselman. Motion carried by consensus.


More on programs. Priya reminded us that the International Day of Peace will be on September 21st.

Michelle posed a question. She reported that Mandela Day will be on July 18th, the anniversary of his birth. So, if we choose to do a service activity on a Saturday in July, would you prefer July 15th or July 22nd?

No preference was determined.

The discussion evolved. Someone mentioned the possibility of creating a team t-shirt — something to build a team identity and add to our chapter’s visibility in the community. It might be nice to have for our Mandela Day activity, whatever it turns out to be.

Richard volunteered to create a design. He mentioned that there are online vendors that can be used to produce the t-shirts. We might even set up an online shop.

There was one other topic under the subject of Program Planning. It was noted that our Hideaway Pizza fundraiser was held on Tuesday, March 7th. It was not publicized very well, and only a few people participated. We should try to do another fundraiser of this style.


(3)         Business Reports.

Minutes of the February Meeting. Priya moved for approval of the minutes of the February meeting; seconded by Michelle. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report. Floydette Seal reported that there were no transactions during the month of February. The balance in the bank is $2,190.64.

Bill Bryant moved to receive the Financial Report; seconded by Richard White. Motion carried.

Membership Development Report. Bansari reported that there was nothing new to share.

Communications Report. Bill reported that the number of “likes” on our Facebook page shot up while we were sharing information about the Women’s Day program. More than 600 people follow our page now, a number that is increasing over time. Public awareness of our chapter grows when we have events to publicize.


(4)        New Business. Two items were considered in this part of the meeting.


  1. Bylaws. Sinead directed our attention to a proposed new set of bylaws. The new bylaws are recommended by our national office. The national office intends to enforce minimum standards for all local chapters to follow.


Discussion: Approval of the new bylaws by our board of directors will not be the final action on this item. We will also need to present the new bylaws to our chapter members for a vote in a general membership meeting.


Kellen moved to approve the new bylaws as presented; seconded by Michelle. VOTE: All Aye. The bylaws were approved.


  1. Filling a Vacancy on the Board. Kellen moved to appoint Misheala Giddings to serve as a member of the board of directors. The motion was seconded, and a vote was called. Vote: All Aye; motion carried.


It was suggested that Misheala should be appointed to serve as our Young Professionals Chair. Sinead agreed, and so did Misheala. Congratulations, Misheala!


(5)        Tasks.


  1. Consider Taking Over the Secretary Position. Bill offered to fill the job of Secretary on the condition that someone else would be appointed as Communications Chair. Bill was voted in as Secretary. It was suggested that Richard should be appointed to serve as our Communications Chair.


Communications Director. Without objection, Sinead appointed Richard to serve as the Communications Chair, and Richard agreed. Congratulations, Richard!


  1. Consider Giving Back to our Chapter. Consider making a gift to our chapter. It’s easy. Find the “donate” link on this webpage:



(6)        Adjournment. With no further business to conduct, the meeting ended at 6:22pm.


Next Meeting:
Monday, April 10, 2017 — 5:30pm
The Disciples Center
301 NW 36th Street
OKC   73118 

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