Photos from the Program

While there are champions like these among us, the human 
rights of our people in Oklahoma will never be denied. We 
were pleased to join the Oklahoma Universal Human Rights 
Alliance in honoring more than 30 human rights heroes 
at the State Capitol on Thursday, December 10th.
The program opened with a ceremonial invocation led by Albert Gray Eagle.

We The People Oklahoma” were honored for their efforts to call attention to
police violence as well as misconduct in the office of the Tulsa County Sheriff.

John Pettyjohn introduced himself as the son of an undocumented immigrant. A proud Marine (retired), Mr. Pettyjohn described his volunteer work in support of his fellow veterans — including serving on a suicide intervention team.

Father Paul Zahler, OSB, PhD, presided over the Human Rights Day program. Father Paul is the founder / director of the National Institute on Developmental Delays at St. Gregory’s University in Shawnee.

Our award winners are from all over the state of Oklahoma — Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Norman, Yukon, Grove, Henryetta, Chickasha, McLoud. They represent the diversity of our great state. 
Sarah Adams-Cornell was honored for her efforts and the efforts of other Native American leaders to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day. 

When Isaac Caviness spoke to the audience about his efforts to petition for change in Oklahoma’s drug laws, supporters in the gallery raised a banner in support of their initiative. 

Tina Peña is a host of “Temas en Tulsa,” a television program that covers current events and crucial topics of importance to Spanish speaking and English speaking viewers. She was honored at our program. She is shown here sitting in the audience with her father, an immigrant from Peru.

Members of the Gallegos Family received an award given in memory of
their husband and father, Sergio Gallegos. On Facebook, a reader who
attended the Human Rights Day Awards program wrote: “I was particularly
moved by the work of indigenous peoples in Oklahoma and the immigrants
who came to the U.S. with nothing but hope, and have managed to educate
their children and then turn to help others. One family whose parents came
from Mexico with seven children now have seven kids with Associate’s Degrees,
five with Bachelor’s degrees, two with Master’s, and one Juris Doctorate.
Over and over again, we heard how people from Mexico, Peru, India, and other
parts of the globe came here seeking a future for themselves and their children,
and worked hard to achieve that — and then became citizens, humanitarians
and advocates who make our state and nation better by being here.”

See More Photos taken by the Legislative Photographer:


The Oklahoma Universal Human Rights Alliance gratefully acknowledges the contributions of our supporters and co-sponsors, including:

The Oklahoma City chapter of the United Nations Association of the USA
Dedicated to informing, inspiring, and mobilizing the American people to support the ideals and vital work of the United Nations 

Santa Maria Virgen Episcopal Church
Oklahoma City

Following the program at the State Capitiol, participants
enjoyed a delicious lunch at Santa Maria Virgen Episcopal
Church. (Photo courtesy: Otilia Fuentes)

P.E.O.P.L.E. Foundation, Inc.
Oklahoma City

La Oaxaca Bakery
1117 SW 59th Street
Oklahoma City

La Oaxaqueña Panaderia
741 SW 29th Street
Oklahoma City

Cocina De Mino Mexican Restaurant
Oklahoma City

Representative Richard Morrissette
District 92 – Oklahoma City

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