Our Venue on Saturday

Our UN70 Celebration will be Held
at the CHK | Central Boathouse
on the Oklahoma River. 

It’s a new location in Oklahoma City, and it’s easy to find. It’s in the Boathouse District on the Oklahoma River, right next to the Devon Boathouse. The address is:

Oklahoma City, OK 73129

The Boathouse District.

The CHK | Central Boathouse serves as the home of UCO Women’s Rowing Team. It was constructed with generous gifts from Chesapeake Energy company, MidFirst Bank, and other donors. It opened its doors to the public in April of this year.

The CHK | Central venue shouldn’t be confused with the Chesapeake Boathouse which is located close-by, just west of the Lincoln Avenue bridge.

Our venue is on Riversport Drive, which lies east of Lincoln. The following map gives you a sense of where the Boathouse District is located.

You can reach Lincoln Avenue from either Reno (to the north) or Southeast 15th Street (to the south).

The CHK | Central Boathouse isn’t just for boating. The building features the Martha Burger Art Gallery, the C. Hubert Gragg Shell Gallery, and the MidFirst Bank Performance Hall. It also includes space for office areas, reception areas, concessions, a green room, a conference space, and an indoor rowing space.

The multi-functional nature of the building establishes it as a unique presence “where art meets the river.” (That’s from the website of the CHK | Central Boathouse … http://boathousedistrict.org/boathouse-district-about/chkcentral-boathouse/)

We think you will enjoy the architecture and athleticism of the entire Boathouse District.

Our program will begin promptly at 12 Noon on Saturday, October 24th. You can begin checking in as early as 11:30am.

A Note about Navigation

We love Google Maps. We love the convenience of onboard GPS systems. But, here’s something we have learned from experience. You can’t always rely on Google Maps to be accurate — particularly when you’re looking for an address that wasn’t in existence 12 months ago.

We noticed that EventBrite (our automated online ticket agent) sent out a map that was just plain wrong. If you bought your ticket online, don’t try to follow the map on the message you got from Eventbrite. You will be disappointed in the results.

Rather, refer to the map above. It is guaranteed to be correct!

In case of directional challenges, you can call the Boathouse District office for guidance: 405-552-4040.

The Power of Common Vision

UCO President Don Betz has called the construction of the CHK|Central Boathouse the next step in a fulfillment of a dream and a demonstration of the power of common vision, collaboration and generosity. Hmmm … Those sound like UN values, don’t they?

“The grand opening of the CHK | Central Boathouse will be a very special day for Central and the metro community,” said UCO President Don Betz when the boathouse opened last April. “UCO is proud and excited to be part of the growing story of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area and we look forward to celebrating the years of work and collaboration that have gone into making the dream of Central’s boathouse a reality.”

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