A Memorable Human Rights Day

Photo courtesy Carlos Ortiz

A Message from Wilfredo Santosrivera

It was a Happy Human Rights Day at the Capitol. For one day in the Oklahoma House Chamber, grassroots advocates met to recognize the achievements of a diverse group of people of all ages and colors. A collage if you will, like Carlos Tello’s mural in the Hall of Governors on the second floor of the Capitol. All making a contribution in the mission of human and civil rights for all.

Like “Yes ALL Daughters“, who were recognized for their contribution to the cause of human rights.

From Cristen Claire, via Facebook

Like Mary and Sharon Bishop-Baldwin, who proved that persistence and dedication pay off. And Vicki Miles-LaGrange, who believes in standing up for justice. And Santiaga Quiñónez, a little old lady, poor economically and in health, but who roared like a lion when she talked about her prison ministry. And other advocates like Bill Carmack, and Jeff Hamilton, whose wisdom and experience enriched this beautiful meeting of souls and minds.

Not to mention the valuable contributions of Carlos Ortiz, Mohan Chandran, Akash Patel, Adam Soltani, Claudia Rossavik, Bob Lemon, Sonya Martinez.

And advocates like Ahiezer Black, who always give 100% to the cause. And Christina Mizirl, who asks us all to give at least 10%, everyday to humanity. A great investment for us all.

It was not a perfect event, but it was our day to enjoy and we did.

We did it without a budget. We thank Tim, COCINA DE MINO, for going beyond the call of duty for three years in a row and thank you Ramiro from LA OAXAQUENA for your contribution to the cause. We loved the food.

We love the people and thank you all for making it a memorable Human Rights Day, and thank you Wallace Collins for your leadership of the Oklahoma Universal Human Rights Alliance. Sorry you could not be with us and hope that your meeting with our President Obama went well.

Hasta la vista, amigos!


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