Ahiezer Black

Ahiezer Black: A 2014 Human Rights Award Winner
Oklahoma City
Nominated by Wilfredo Santosrivera

Through his J.O.Y. – The Free Resources Clinic he has and is serving the community of OK in the areas of health, education and human rights advocacy. He networks with the Diabetes Association and other organizations and individuals in order to improve the life condition of those in need but with little, if any, economic or other resources.

From the website of J.O.Y. – The Free Resources Clinic:

“J.O.Y – The Free Resources Clinic is a faith-based organization providing free information and health resources to those who are either uninsured or underinsured and without access to available care services in the Oklahoma City community.  The primary focus is on healthy literacy as well as prevention, intervention and advocacy.

“Health literacy does not discriminate due to a patient’s age or years of education. Health literacy includes the ability to understand prescription medications, discharge instructions, consent forms, appointment scheduling, requests for information, and the ability to negotiate complex healthcare organizations that offer a variety of services in multiple locations.

“The mission of the J.O.Y – The Free Resources Clinic. Inc. becomes even more profound on vulnerability and unmet health care needs. High rates of poverty, low education rates, and poor health behaviors help to contribute to the widening gap between the health of Hispanics, African American and American Indians and the rest of the population. Compared to the US rate, a great number of Hispanics are more likely to suffer from tuberculosis, a higher percent more likely to suffer from alcoholism, an unknown percentage more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. With these staggering health inequalities, J.O.Y – The Free Resources Clinic. Inc., puts efforts into improving the quality of health care in the targeted location. J.O.Y. is not just a Hispanic Organization, but seeks to provide Resources and Services to primarily the Hispanic, Black and Native American Communities of Central Oklahoma and soon the state.”

“Everyone has the right to education….”

(Article 26 of the UDHR)

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