Our Movie on Saturday

We’ll hope you’ll join us on Saturday as we gather to
 watch, learn, and inspire one another.
For a 3-minute ‘featurette’ describing the
movie, check out this link on YouTube

Here’s what people are saying about “Mary and Martha,” our featured film on Saturday at The Paramount in Oklahoma City:

“A wonderfully done film….” 

“The story line is strong and believable….”

“This story of mothers fighting for a cause is both inspiring and informing the audience on the real problems that face our current world.” 

“The film is so well put together, and really thumps you with a whirlwind of emotion and sympathy…. A must watch.”

“A brilliant film….”

“Mary and Martha” stars Hilary Swank as Mary, an interior designer who loses her son to malaria. She meets Martha, a British housewife played by Brenda Blethyn. They forge a common bond in their fight to support malaria prevention efforts. Through their struggle, they rebuild their lives, showing how ordinary people can make a difference and inspire positive change in the process. Oscar-winning actor James Woods plays a supporting role as Mary’s estranged father.

“Mary and Martha” earned good reviews when it was released in 2013 as an HBO film.

We’re presenting this film as part of our observance of Nelson Mandela Day. It is a measure of our chapter’s commitment to the values and principles of the United Nations Charter.

Saturday, July 19th — 3pm
The Paramount
701 W. Sheridan
Oklahoma City, OK

Admission is free. Please come prepared to give a small donation to “Nothing But Nets,” the malaria prevention campaign of the UN Foundation.

We hope to see you on Saturday!

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