Enjoy a Free Movie with Us

Enjoy a Free Movie at The Paramount on Saturday, July 19th

Enjoy a Movie.
Send a Net.
Save a Life.

In observance of Nelson Mandela International Day, your Oklahoma City chapter of the United Nations Association is offering a screening of the much-acclaimed film, “Mary and Martha” (starring Oscar winner Hilary Swank).

You’re invited to join us for a matinee presentation — Saturday, July 19th, at 3pm.

This FREE movie showing is designed to be entertaining, educational and inspiring. Our first-ever Nelson Mandela Day program will be offered in the comfort of the cozy movie theatre at The Paramount, 701 W. Sheridan, in Oklahoma City. Enjoy the company of other members and friends of the United Nations Association!

“Mary and Martha” is a film about two mothers connected by loss, inspired by hope.

From HBO: “Hilary Swank stars as Mary and Brenda Blethyn stars as Martha, an American interior designer and British housewife who have little in common apart from the one thing they wish they didn’t. When malaria strikes, the lives of these very different women change forever. They forge a deep friendship and embark on an epic journey of self-discovery to Africa, dedicating themselves to the cause of malaria prevention. Beginning to rebuild their lives, they show how ordinary people can make a difference and inspire positive change in the process. Enlisting the help of Mary’s estranged father, a former politico, the two women beseech both the powers that be and ordinary people to get involved, realizing a shared responsibility to all the world’s children.”

Our decision to present this film is motivated by our commitment to the values of the United Nations as well as the inspiring example of Nelson Mandela and his dedication to the service of humanity.

Every 60 seconds, a child dies from malaria.
For a family in Africa, a net can mean the difference
between life and death. Donate to Nothing But Nets.

Following the film, the members of our OKC chapter of UNA-USA will make a generous contribution to “Nothing But Nets” — a global grassroots campaign to raise awareness and funding to fight malaria, a leading cause of death among children in Africa.

Nothing But Nets works with UN partners like UNICEF, the UN Refugee Agency, and the World Health Organization to purchase nets and distribute them to countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Net distributions are typically part of a wider public health effort within a country coordinated by the Ministry of Health, the UN and other local and international organizations.

About our Venue. Located on historic Film Row in Oklahoma City, The Paramount is a great place for breakfast, lunch, or a light dinner. It is a restaurant that serves coffee, wine and beer. (See here for their menu). It also offers live music, movies and stage shows on special occasions.

The small theatre at The Paramount offers a cool and comfortable screening room for people who enjoy good movies — like you and me.

Join us at The Paramount. Bring your friends … Enjoy a film and save a life as we honor Nelson Mandela!

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