Human Trafficking Awareness in OKC

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Oklahoma City, OK — The Oklahoma Human Trafficking Task Force (OKHTTF) will observe National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month by increasing awareness and honoring victims of human trafficking during the week of January 19th-24th.

Activities include presentations at local schools, screenings of the documentary film Nefarious, and a candlelight vigil in honor and remembrance of human trafficking victims and survivors.

“It surprises people that there’s actually a very large number of slaves in the world today -– our best estimate is 27 million and that is defining a slave in a very narrow way; … we’re talking about people who are controlled by violence, who cannot walk away, who are being held against their will, who are paid nothing.”
— Kevin Bales, Co-Founder of Free the Slaves

January 19th & Jan 21st

Public screening of Nefarious, a documentary on the impact of human trafficking

– Sunday, January 19th at 6:00pm, Oklahoma City First Church of the Nazarene, 4400 Northwest Expressway, Oklahoma City

– Tuesday, January 21st at 4:00pm, Sauced on Paseo, 2912 Paseo Drive, Oklahoma City

January 21st to Jan 25th

Lighting of the Oklahoma City Sky Bridge in the human trafficking theme color (blue) in observance of human trafficking awareness

January 21st & Jan 22nd

Presentations at local schools to raise awareness by Beautiful Dream Society and No Boundaries International.

January 24th

Candlelight Vigil with a reading of Governor Mary Fallin’s Proclamation (PDF) at 6:30pm at the Oklahoma Bar Association, 1901 North Lincoln Boulevard, Oklahoma City.

Events are organized by the Oklahoma Human Trafficking Task Force, a multi-agency collaborative working to implement an effective victim centered response to the crime of human trafficking in Oklahoma, to bring awareness to the public and to make an impact throughout our communities in order to better the lives of human trafficking survivors and prevent future victims.

For more information, contact Debi Mangrum (405-513-5453) at No Boundaries International.

Human Trafficking is a Crime that Shames Us All

Read about how the United Nations has been the global leader in defining and organizing efforts to prevent and suppress the crime of human trafficking in all its dimensions. Our UNA-OKC website has a good description of the international Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons as well as links to more information and resources. Link to our page HERE.

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