The Best Reason


What’s the best reason to attend our UN Day Luncheon next Saturday (October 26) in Edmond? 

I think it’s the people. 

I’ve often said that you won’t find a better group of folks anywhere in our state.

Here’s how Dorothy Messenger describes her appreciation for the people of our chapter of the UN Association:

“There are many things I like about being a member of our chapter.  I appreciate the fact that its membership includes persons of many ethnic backgrounds and persons of different religious faiths.  The membership is inter-generational and represents a variety of vocations and opinions.  

“I’m grateful that the UNA-USA affords me an opportunity to become better informed about the activities of the United Nations and the whole world scene.  It’s good to be a part of an organization where all the members obviously share a love of our nation and of the world and want to have a part in helping our nation to live up to its highest ideals.”

(You can read Dorothy’s complete message, “The Long View,” on our blog).

I hope you’ll choose to enjoy a good meal and great company with us next Saturday, October 26th.

If you haven’t reserved a seat, there is still time to complete your registration. (And now we’ve made it easy to pay for your tickets online). Tickets are reasonably priced at $20 / each; Students pay $10.

(Sorry — The registration book for this event has closed)

Here’s the link for more information:

But, hurry … The registration book is scheduled to close on Monday. 

Here’s another thought from Dorothy:

“Being a member of the UNA-USA is extremely important to me because it makes me feel I am part of a huge, centuries-old movement of humankind, a movement of people who are convinced that there are better ways than war for settling national disputes.”  

I hope to see you next Saturday at UCO in Edmond! 

Bill Bryant
Communications Director
Greater Oklahoma City Chapter
United Nations Association of the USA

Why Do You Support the United Nations Association?

We asked our Oklahoma members and friends.
Here is a sampling of what they said ….

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