The Editors Take Note

Oklahoma’s Largest Newspapers
Line Up in Opposition to HB 1412

The Oklahoman newspaper printed an editorial yesterday confirming our point of view on House Bill 1412. The widely-read newspaper titled their opinion piece, “Oklahoma Dems have reasons to gripe about some GOP proposals.”

The editorial focused on a handful of legislative proposals for which there are “some good reasons to be bothered.”

One of the proposals mentioned by The Oklahoman was HB 1412, the Anti-UN bill that is co-sponsored by  Rep. Sally Kern and Sen. Patrick Anderson.

Here’s a quote-worthy excerpt from the editorial:

“During the hectic final week for the House to consider bills that originated in that chamber, members found the time to approve a bill barring local governments from adopting or implementing policy recommendations established by the United Nations Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is a nonbinding, voluntarily action plan that deals with sustainable development. The bill also would ban the state from contracting with or exchanging funds with a nongovernmental or intergovernmental group accredited by the U.N.

“The vote was 67-17 in favor. Thank goodness that got done!”

That was a sarcastic “Thanks goodness.” Just to make sure we didn’t misinterpret their meaning, Nancy Musselman (our Vice President for Programs) called The Oklahoman and asked for a clarification.

Nancy says: “I was a little confused, so I called the paper and talked with someone on the staff. He said it was meant to to a sarcastic remark that possibly didn’t come across as well in print. I was pleased to hear that The Oklahoman recognizes how ridiculous the bill is….”

Judging by the online reader comments, a lot of other people share our pleasure with this expression of editorial sentiment.

We have previously posted items quoting from the Tulsa World newspaper.

It is nice to know that the major newspapers from our state’s two largest cities are lined up on our side in opposing House Bill 1412.

We hope our State Senators are paying attention.

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