A Vote Looms Closer

Rep. Sally Kern’s Anti-UN Bill
Gets an “OK” from a Key Committee

HB 1412 — Rep. Sally Kern’s proposed anti-UN law — has been cleared to go to a vote of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, following a key vote in the House Calendar Committee this morning.

Rep. Kern’s measure was moved forward as part of a slate of bills. There was no discussion and no debate on the merits of her proposal.

Consequently, all members and friends of the United Nations Association are asked to call or contact their State Representative urging them to vote “No” on HB 1412. A directory of House members can be found on the okhouse.gov website.

A vote on HB 1412 is expected by next Thursday, March 14th.

In the meantime, we’d like to acknowledge a friendly opinion piece that appeared on the website of the Tulsa World over the weekend. It is titled, “The Phantom Planet and our Phantom Laws,” and it was written by Mike Jones, the newspaper’s Associate Editor.

Here are some excerpts:

“Over in the House, Rep. Sally Kern… has pushed through House Bill 1412 that also puts the kibosh on the insidious U.N. Agenda 21. She got a standing ovation from a few spectators in the gallery last week for her effort.

“Thanks to some screamers on TV and radio, the Agenda 21 brouhaha has received some notice. [State Senator Patrick] Anderson must have tuned into the talk-show rants predicting that Agenda 21 was nothing more than a ruse by the U.N. to force Americans into collective urban areas, thereby gaining control of all the farmland.

“Really, there are people who believe that.

“In fact, Agenda 21 is a nonbinding document that is a comprehensive plan of global, national and local action to preserve the environment. It is concerned mostly with bike trails, mass transit, sustainable farming and energy conservation.

“For the reasonable of you out there it means that the U.N. is not taking over the country or the world and has no intention of doing so. It’s a harmless and voluntary document.”

You can read the complete commentary on the Opinion Page of the Tulsa World website.

Please remember to call / email your State Representative … Thanks!

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