Action Delayed

Hearing on Anti-UN Bill Moved to Future Date

House Bill 1412 was pulled from the agenda of the States’ Rights Committee this afternoon. A note on the Oklahoma House of Representatives website stated: “HB1412 … will be heard at a later meeting.”

Then, shortly before the 3pm start time of the committee meeting, an announcement was made that the meeting was cancelled. It will be re-scheduled for a future date.

House Bill 1412 is Rep. Sally Kern’s proposed new law to restrict public commerce with the United Nations and with an ill-defined group of non-governmental organizations. By prohibiting state and local government agencies from acquiring knowledge resources from the United Nations, House Bill 1412 would strike a harmful blow against students, teachers and researchers in our state.

We urge the members and friends of the United Nations Association to contact the members of the States’ Rights Committee to express your opposition to House Bill 1412. (A list of members appears below).

Time after time, public opinion polls have shown that Americans appreciate the contributions of the United Nations to the peace and security of our world.

The members of the United Nations Association will continue to defend the intellectual freedom that is currently enjoyed by the people of our state. And we will continue to promote positive American leadership in the United Nations. A total of four anti-UN measures are pending in the State Legislature this year.

Bill Bryant
President, Oklahoma City Chapter
United Nations Association of the USA

States’ Rights Committee (OK House of Representatives) 

Rep. Ed Cannaday … … (405) 557-7375
Rep. Dale DeWitt … … (405) 557-7332
Rep. Dan Fisher … … (405) 557-7311
Rep. Kay Floyd … … (405) 557-7396
Rep. Elise Hall … … (405) 557-7403
Rep. Tommy Hardin … … (405) 557-7383
Rep. Kevin Matthews … … (405) 557-7406
Rep. Lewis Moore … … (405) 557-7400
Rep. Jason Murphey … … (405) 557-7350
Rep. Dustin Roberts … … (405) 557-7366
Rep. Sean Roberts … … (405) 557-7322
Rep. Mike Shelton … … (405) 557-7367
Rep. Ken Walker … … (405) 557-7359

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