Our 2012 Human Rights Day Proclamation

Whereas, the United States of America is a proud supporter of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and

Whereas, American Presidents since Harry S. Truman have issued proclamations regarding the celebration of Human Rights Day on December 10th of each year; and

Whereas, President Barack Obama has called upon the people of the United States to mark December 10th as Human Rights Day with appropriate ceremonies and activities; and

Whereas, President George W. Bush encouraged all Americans to “celebrate the rights bestowed upon all by our Creator;” and

Whereas, President Ronald Reagan observed in 1985 that the United States “will never cease to be in the forefront of the noble battle for human rights;” and

Whereas, the State of Oklahoma has been blessed with a rich tradition of great defenders of human rights such as Chief Standing Bear, John Hope Franklin, Governor Henry Bellmon, Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick, Clara Luper, former Secretary of State Hannah Atkins, and many others; and

Whereas, the citizens of Oklahoma should welcome the opportunity to participate in all activities related to Human Rights Day;

NOW, THEREFORE, We the members and friends of the United Nations Association proclaim December 10, 2012 as

“Human Rights Day” 

in the State of Oklahoma

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