Preliminary Survey Results

90% of Respondents 
Like the “No War on Iran” 
Billboard Campaign

Only 10 responses have been recorded so far, but already a trend is emerging.  Nine of the respondents think our OKC chapter of the UN Association should endorse the AANW’s billboard campaign.  One person recorded a “Not Sure” answer. 

Most of the respondents so far have been members of our Association — 6 out of 10. Three people describe themselves as “Not Yet” members.  

The written comments from the survey respondents reflect a variety of viewpoints.  Here is a sample: 

“I am against all wars in foreign lands. We should fight only if our shores are invaded by a foreign power. All wars are monuments to human ignorance and greed.” 

“The UN Charter calls for the peaceful resolution of dispute, hence indicating a ‘yes.’ However, our de facto ally, Israel, has, under the Charter, the inherent right of self-defense, and, it could be argued that mere Iranian possession of nuclear weapons constitutes a grave threat to Israel, AND that UN sanctions will not suffice to deter.”

“I have been disturbed about the lack of foreign relations discussion so far in the presidential candidates speeches. I like the idea of this sign. Maybe it will encourage our asking for more information from the candidates….” 

“The AANW campaign helps us get out ahead of the malcontents who would in the guise of ‘defense’ would reduce America to the level of nazis with even less justification.”

“Direct negotiations with Iran will produce results.”

“I am so happy and impressed that these groups were able to raise the funds to put up 3 signs. Not one but 3. I can’t wait to see my first one.”

“Any action that questions the USA’s bellicose foreign policies is a very good thing.” 

“Not only should your organization support the billboards in question, but you should be helping to spread the awareness that 1. it is illegal to use the threat of force, and 2. Iran is operating within their right of nuclear enrichment, under IAEA supervision….”

If you haven’t answered the survey yet, you are welcome to give us your opinion.

You can find the online survey here:


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