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Should UNA-OKC Endorse the “No War on Iran” Billboard Campaign?   

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A local coalition of Oklahoma organizers from the group Americans Against the Next War (AANW) are working to prevent a military attack against Iran.  They have contracted with a local outdoor advertising company for three billboards, now on display in the metro area, carrying their message: “Tell Congress: No War on Iran.” 

( Read more about the billboard campaign here …

The campaign is supported by several individuals and organizations that are friendly to the United Nations Association, including some members of our Oklahoma City chapter.  

The question has been raised: Should our chapter make a formal decision to endorse this billboard campaign?  

It is a question that seeks a Yes or No answer, but the issue is not a simple one.

First of all, it should be pointed out that the organizers of the campaign are not asking us to contribute funds for the billboards (which have already been paid for).  So, this is strictly a question about lending the name of our organization to the campaign.  

Speaking in favor of the billboard campaign, UNA-OKC member Nathaniel Batchelder says: “We hope that our advocacy for non-military solutions to international disagreements will resonate with other war-weary Americans who will contact Congress with that message.” 

Another UNA-OKC member, Bob Lemon, has endorsed the campaign as an individual: “I oppose war.  I see men and women dying, children losing arms, legs, and eyes, and I oppose another war.”

From another perspective, some of our members have expressed the thought that a billboard message doesn’t offer the proper format for expressing our Association’s support for American leadership in the United Nations.  

We would like to know what you think.  Should we, as a chapter, endorse the campaign?

Give us your opinion by answering our short “Constant Contact” survey …



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